A unique identity for everyone in the world

A unique identity for everyone in the world

Trolling, fake identity, and fake news are prevalent because we have no way to know who is a real person. Possessing a unique identity is the most fundamental human right, yet few have it today, and only in fragments. An open-source, user controlled, block-chain version of India's Aadhaar system. From identity can come political and economic rights. By allowing anonymous and attributed contributions, we can both protect individuals and know that we are hearing from real people, not trolls.


With identity established by both demographic and biometric data, we can have 1. A universal citizenship system. 2. A universal rating and review system, especially for employment. This system can reveal the citizen experienced truth about employers, services, and products. It can also allow for users to propose and take action. 3. A universal user controlled polling system. 4. A universal voting system, at every level of citizenship.

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